Theocracy of the Lance

Basic Info

  • Capitol city: Arvale City
  • Ruler: His Holiness, The Bishop of the Lance (recently deceased)
  • Population: approx 2.5 million. Two-thirds human
  • Resources exported: Fine trade goods, art


The Theocracy of the Lance started as a small monastery devoted to the study of the gods Justicia, Thormir, Ghoran, and Aristemis. The monks there referred to this collection of gods as the “Lance” of law and goodness.

Over time, the prestige of the monastery increased, as its monks were relied on more and more to negotiate provincial disputes. Eventually, in gratitude for these services the Emperor awarded the monastery sovereignty over its lands.

During the Interregnum, the lack of a single, overarching government made these services even more valuable. This period also marked the rise of the Knight of the Lance, a group of paladin-knights charged with seeking out injustice, defending the helpless, defeating evil, and sacrificing their lives in the service of good. The Knights’ shadowy cousins, the Black Watch also emerged in this time.


The ruling class of the Theocracy have sworn their lives to good, justice and law. This is reflected in the lives of the people living there. The people of the Theocracy are no more pious than people anywhere else, but wise governance has attracted the finest craftsmen, artists, and artisans from around the world. With a high standard of living, the people of the Theocracy live the most comfortable lives of any in the world.


The master craftsmen of Arvale City have begun founding universities devoted to the young field of “science”. Both non-magical and magical phenomena are studied in these universities. Technology has not developed to a “steampunk” stage yet, but could be realized after another decade or so. These studies are encouraged by national leadership.

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Theocracy of the Lance

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