Free Province of Thire

Basic Info

  • Capitol: Hath Hall
  • Ruler: Lady Aedwyn Cyrean, Waren of the Folk
  • Population: approx 300,000. Almost half human, many elves, a few dwarves and halflings.
  • Resources exported: Furs, timber


After about 100 years of the Interregnum, when it became clear that there was to be no new Emperor of Crieste, many of the provinces of Crieste chose to declare their own independence rather than become pulled into the political nightmare left by the void. Thire was one of these.


The people are a hardy, stubborn bunch who have little use for any ruler whose reach extends beyond a town council (or the arc of a longbow). Lady Cyrean maintains her rule, in part by her own wood sense. As a hunter and ranger, she has earned the respect of those she rules, and does not impose unless absolutely necessary. By respecting her people’s independence, she insures her authority.

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Free Province of Thire

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