35 Points

Druid spells use Ritual Magic with Ritual Magic (Druish) as the key skill. The Animal, Plant and Weather schools are available to the Druid as school skills. Like Clerics, Power Investiture is used in place of Magery as applied to spells.

Druids often also have an Animal Companion. This is an Ally (see B36) which is custom made. It normally has a cost of 12 or 20 points (x4 applied since an Animal Companion is “always present”), depending on its exact build. The template assumes 20 points; if less are used, apply the remainder to appropriate skills

Advantages: Power Investiture [ 10 ], Animal Companion [ 20 ]

- Animal School IQ-3 [ 1 ]
- Naturalist IQ -1 [ 2 ]
- Ritual Magic (Druish) IQ-2 [ 2 ]


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