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  • Theocracy of the Lance

    h1. Basic Info * Capitol city: Arvale City * Ruler: His Holiness, The Bishop of the Lance (recently deceased) * Population: approx 2.5 million. Two-thirds human * Resources exported: Fine trade goods, art h1. Origins The Theocracy of the …

  • Free Province of Thire

    h1. Basic Info * Capitol: Hath Hall * Ruler: Lady Aedwyn Cyrean, Waren of the Folk * Population: approx 300,000. Almost half human, many elves, a few dwarves and halflings. * Resources exported: Furs, timber h1. Origins After about 100 years …

  • Leherti

    h2. The Grand Duchy of Leherti *

    Free Cities

    When the last battle with the [[Scourge]] was fought, only three cities remained free. These cities continue to wage a bitter guerilla war against the attackers, while scratching out a meager …