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For the map, see Goodman Games’ online world map. Bear in mind that without special studies, most characters will only really have knowledge around the area of Arvale City.

The characters will start in or around Arvale City in the Theocracy of the Lance.

To the north is what is left of the Grand Duchy of Leherti. When the hordes of the Scourge descended from the north six years ago, the combined armies of Leherti, the Theocracy, and several other nations of men, dwarves and elves were only able to fight them to a standstill after all but three of Leherti’s cities had fallen. The Knights of the Lance, in particular, brood over this failure.

To the west is the Free Province of Thire. Thire declared its freedom from the crumbling Criestine Empire a hundred years ago. Not a particularly strong nation, it has maintained good diplomatic relations with Crieste and its other neighbors since then.

To the northwest is the lands of the Cinai barbarians. The people of Cinai are simple, but raised as children to be fierce and cunning in battle.

To the east and southeast, over the Dragonspire are the barbarian tribes of Saramanthia. A loose collection nomadic tribes, not as warlike as the Cinia. Because of traditions of status and inheritance, many of younger children cross the mountains to make their own way in the civilized world. To the far southeast, rumors tell of tribes of elven barbarians.

To the northeast is the Barony of Koranth. A relatively secretive nation of mages. Cut off from the rest of the civilized world when Leherti fell to the Scourge, no one knows how well they survived the onslaught that took Leherti, although there has been a trickle of traders from Koranth selling their traditional furs and timber.

To the south is the great Lirean Sea. Legend has it that the sea was formed at the conclusion of the war between the giants, and a union of elves and dwarves. So terrible were the magics unleashed that the land itself was destroyed, and the Empyrean Ocean far to the west rushed in to fill the void. Whatever the truth, it is the main waterway for this part of the world. Most transport and travel to the west and south is carried out by ship on the Lirean Sea.

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General Character Information

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